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Since the establishment of Guangdong, three separate house brands have been developed to further improve our services. With each brand catering to different segments, GDFood, Ji Xiang and Joy Kitchen tailor to our customer’s changing needs over the years.


Our house brand GDFood is a wholesale food supplier featuring a range of raw & dried ingredients including agricultural products, grain goods and dried fruit assortments. GDFood provides high quality ingredients available for purchase in bulk and serves to fulfill kitchen essentials and necessities.

Ideal for F&B organisations, B2B, B2C customers as well as catering businesses, GDFood supports various establishments through quality supply of goods. From dried mushrooms to soybeans and cooking powders to flavoured rice, GDFood offers products that are key ingredients in creating flavourful varieties of cuisine.

GDFood products include: Dried Products, Agriculture Products,Grain Products.


Introduced to provide high quality Chinese goods for customers, Ji Xiang features premium selections of canned goods, packaged nut varieties, bottled sauces, complimentary condiments and high-grade seasonings. Ideal for creating various Asian cuisines and delicacies, Ji Xiang products offer a collection of quality goods. For impeccable flavouring, Ji Xiang specialises in excellent selections of cooking stocks and wine perfect for marinating dishes.

Ji Xiang offers exceptional OEM mooncake supply and premium mooncake paste intended for special events requiring mooncake necessities.

Ji Xiang products include: Canned Foods, Nuts, Condiments, Sauces, Seasonings, Cooking Stocks, Cooking Wine.


Joy Kitchen offers variations of products and delectable snacks to support food services, restaurant chains and serve for various occasions. Using only the finest goods, we present customers and businesses with a solution by producing and supplying ready-to-use food products, snack assortments as well as catering services of quality.

Featuring goods including frozen goods, premium fish skin products as well as cooking sauces, Joy Kitchen provides fine selections to meet customer needs.

Joy Kitchen products include: Catering services, Snacks, Ready-to-use products, Frozen Foods, Cooking Sauce.


GDFood is the ideal solution for F&B establishments of all scales and cuisine. Featuring a range of raw and dried ingredients, from dried mushrooms to soybeans and powdered spices and the development of new products such as olive oil. GDfood’s mission is to constantly provide products that are carefully sourced and of superior quality.

GDFood products include:

Dried Products: Fruits, Vegetables, Seafood

Agriculture Products: Herbs, Spices, Powders, Nuts Grain

Products: Flour, Rice


Established to preserve the highest quality of taste and impeccable flavourings in asian cuisine, Ji Xiang is the preferred choice for every masterchef. Ji Xiang’s products are quintessential for the grandest feasts, offering premium selections of canned goods, bottled sauces, cooking wine, and other high-grade seasonings.

Ji Xiang products include: Canned Foods, Condiments, Sauces, Seasonings, Soup Stock, Cooking Wine


Joy Kitchen is committed to simplify processes in kitchen workflows and improve efficiency for businesses that have a higher demand to scale quickly. Multiple establishments and food services benefit greatly from our range of ready-to-use products that greatly reduce preparation time, without compromising taste and consistency. Premium crispy fish skin and dessert components such as lotus seeds, purple rice and red beans are offered for easy to consume variants.

Joy Kitchen products include: Snacks, Ready-to-use products, Canned goods, Dessert ingredients

Other Products

Guangdong also provides an extensive range of products from numerous international brands. Sourcing from the open market around the world, we import a large selection of brands offering products ranging from cooking oil to dried produce.

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